Staff and students in District 303 are issued login accounts that are used for various services.

For Staff, login accounts are used for Exchange and Google email, Blackboard, IVision, Destiny, computer access and more.

For Students, login accounts are used computer acccess, Blackboard, Destiny and more.

Password Information for Staff

Length At least 8 characters Requirements and Limitations
  • Use at least one character from each of three character sets:
    • the uppercase alphabet (A-Z)
    • the lowercase alphabet (a-z)
    • numerals (0-9)
  • Do not use common words or names.
  • Do not reuse your most recent password.
  • Do not change your password twice within a 24-hour period.
Expiration? None
Where to Set, Reset, or Change In District at any computer
Where to Find Help Help Desk