Browser Compatibility with Major Information Systems

Browsers are software written to interpret and display webpages.  Because they are software they do not always behave the same.  If you view a website with different browsers, you may see different results.

The four most commonly used browsers on laptops and computers are Internet Explorer (IE) by Microsoft, Chrome Browser by Google, Safari Browser by Apple and the Firefox Browser by Mozilla.  Mobile devices employ other browsers such as Opera and Android.

In addition to types of browsers, each of these browsers have versions.  For example users could visit a website with Internet Explorer version 6, version 7, version 8 or version 9.  Version 10 was recently released. Each version will display the site differently.  It is always recommended that the browser be with in at least 2 version of the latest release to be certain it can handle the latest features of a web page.

The table below identifies which browsers perform best with the different Information Systems used in here in the District.

Information System Recommended Browser Problems with Other Browsers
eSchool Internet Explorer You will not be able to login if you use other browsers
Teacher Access Internet Explorer or Firefox 11.X Only Safari, Chrome and Firefox higher than 11.X will drop grades and not save them
Triptracker Firefox  In some versions of IE, the left hand menu overlaps the main content area of the webpage
Destiny IE8+ In Firefox, some of the reports will not run.