Procedures for Technology Purchasing

Procedures for Purchasing Technology

Click here for the Software Request Procedures

Click here for the Technology "Standards List"

If needed, please contact Carole Camp for prices not on the list, at:

Information Technology Services (ITS) is the final approval for all purchases of technology.  In general, ITS will ensure the product being requested is following district standards and is compatible with our network. In the case of software, ITS verifies licensing, approves compatibility and then Learning and Teaching approves the use of the software in our district.  Any "consumable items" (like printer toner, flash drives, etc) must be ordered at the building level.

Submitting an order to ITS:

  • Step 1
    • ​See the District's "Technology Standards List" link above. Each of the products on our standards list has been competitively priced and is reviewed at least quarterly.
    • If the technology items you want to purchase are not found on the Technology Standards List, contact Carole Camp to get an official price and vendor from ITS. *The processing time may be increased while ITS verifies the product is compatible with our environment, obtains competitive quotes, and in some cases obtains approvals from Learning and Teaching.
    • Please note it is the buildings responsibility to obtain pricing and purchase their own consumable items such as printer toner/ink, projector lamps, remotes, etc. and do not have to go through the ITS Helpdesk. Consumable prices on the standards list are for a base comparison only because consumable prices are so volatile.
  • Step 2
    • ​Create a Helpdesk ticket with your order request at under the category "Technology Order Request". Please include the following information in your ticket to process your order:
      • Your budget account #
      • The item(s) you are purchasing with the quantities of each
      • Who &/or where this technology will be deployed once it arrives
    • You will receive a copy of the PO and other correspondence regarding your order via your Helpdesk ticket. You can also communicate any information with ITS (including questions you may have) through the Helpdesk ticket by adding notes to it and then clicking Save.
  • Step 3
    • ​ITS will receive the product(s) in iVisions for you, asset tag equipment, inventory items, document software licenses etc.. Your Helpdesk ticket will be updated once this is done.
    • ITS staff will bring the equipment to your building and install products and hardware as necessary and your ticket will be closed.

(At any time, you can log in to the helpdesk to check the status of your ticket by clicking on the History tab, and clicking on your ticket. Additionally you can correspond about your order this way by clicking on "Add Note" and then Save.)