Request for Proposal

RFP - Request for Proposals

District 303 - Information Technology Services is dedicated to providing our staff and students with the technology that meets the needs of our community of schools. This page is the primary location used within the ITS department to communicate RFP's to our vendor community.  

What is an RFP?

Otherwise known as a "REQUEST-FOR-PROPOSAL", this is a process where-by the District provides our vendor community with a specification of a project we need help completing.  In the case of technology related RFP's, we are pretty specific about what we want to purchase and have installed a response form within the RFP.

The vendors are given a certain amount of time to formulate a proposal for the project.  The RFP response form will outline how to submit the proposal and what it must contain.  Once the District opens the proposals, we let everyone know who submitted for the RFP, and take some time to make the final decision in regards to the RFP. 


Listed below are the announcements concerning purchasing in Information Technology Services.  Please note that these announcements are updated on an as needed basis.