VOIP and Mobile Phones

VOIP - Voice Over IP

This will be our first full year with our Voice over IP phone system. There are a few differences in our management of the system you may need to be aware of:

  1. Phone Number Assignment(s)
    The new system provides each person in the District with a permanent phone number which does not change while they are employed by the District.  All new staff will receive a new number. 
  2. Staff Changing Jobs or Buildings
    Staff being moved from one building to another or from one job to another, simply need to hotdesk and login to the phone in their new work location. There is no need to request phone system changes associated with staff relocating unless the new work location does not have a physical phone. 
  3. Shared Office Phones
    There are shared offices throughout the District.  The phones supporting these offices are programmed with each staff member’s telephone number.   We remove the ability for anyone to hotdesk on to these phones.  If you are changing the staff assigned to a shared office, please update the "multiline phone documentation" provided to your school’s main office.  Return the updated document to: Kathy.Pelinski@d303.org.
  4. Phone Directory Changes
    The master phone directory is posted on the Internal Staff Website. Please click the Phone Directory Icon to access the up-to-date master list of phone numbers.  The phone directory is not published for the general public.  In addition to the master directory, you can use the phonebook button on any VoIP phone to lookup anyone’s phone number.
  5. Moving of VoIP Phones
    ITS staff members are the only individuals authorized to move a VoIP phone. All phone moves must include updating the location of the phone in the E-911 database.  This allows emergency service responders to receive the in-building location that called 911.
  6. Voicemail Greeting over the summer
    Letting people know if you will be checking your voicemail during the summer or what hours you are working during the summer is a good idea.  You may want to update your voicemail greeting before the end of the school year.  Also please make sure your voicemail box is empty if you are off for the summer.
  7. Changing the Digit to receive an outside line
    During the course of the summer, we will change dialing 9 for an outside line to dialing an 8 for an outside line.  This change is being made do to the large amount of false or accidental 911 calls which have occurred during the school year.  If you have created personal speed dial numbers on your extension, you will need to change the 91xxxxxxxxxx to 81xxxxxxxxxx

If you have further need for assistance regarding the phone system please contact the ITS helpdesk at:

(331) 228-HELP (x4357 internally) or Helpdesk